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Eternity, Ltd.

In the company of the deity, the dead, and the insane.

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And now, for answers to a few "popular questions" ...

What the ...?
What the hell, you say? That's exactly it, really, though the characters of Eternity, Ltd. don't really have a difference between Heaven and Hell. Everything is exactly the way it is -- there is a land, off somewhere, that holds both evil and good, with only one prerequisite: you are either a sort of deity, or you're dead.
If you're just asking about what this is, it's an online story written for the purpose of everyone's amusement, not to be published or anything. That's part of the reason it appears in different forms -- letters, prose, script et cetera.

And just who is doing this crazy stunt?
Hi, my name's metaphor, may I take your question? ... The truth is, a very strange junior in high school who has no more time than to do this. It was put up on LJ for the sake of friends to view, suggested most likely accidentally by one in particular, which is why its presence is now dedicated to bluedano.

a) You're a blasphemer. or b) You don't know jack about religion.
a) Thanks for letting me know. Funny, many of my Catholic friends like it. Some of the characters are even named after them. The ones that aren't the Sins and Virtues, that is.
b) You're right, I don't. All I really know about religion I learn from my friends who are religious -- they help me a lot. Eternity, Ltd. doesn't exist to mock any religion, though.

What exactly is the plot going on here?
Is the day-to-day life of the modern view of the denziens of Heaven & Hell a good enough explanation? A lot of it is focused on the "lives" of the Seven Deadly Sins personified.